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CESI’s projects to improve grid interconnections in the Baltic Republics

CESI’s projects to improve grid interconnections in the Baltic Republics
24 . Mar . 2022

CESI worked on two important consulting projects in the Baltic Republics as part of the program to synchronize the Baltic electric power system with the ENTSO-E synchronous area.

In order to end energy isolation in the Baltic region, the primary objective of the Baltic energy market interconnection plan (BEMIP) initiative, launched by the European Commission and supported by ENTSO-E, is to achieve an open and integrated regional electricity between EU countries in the Baltic Sea region. The initiative's members are Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, and Sweden.

In this respect, CESI developed the system requirements for synchronous compensation (SC) systems, in Lithuania and Latvia, that would be connected to the national grid to increase system inertia and improve network stability by providing reactive power, contributing to short circuits, and improving the dynamic recovery of power. Moreover, in Latvia, CESI also collaborated on the analysis of technical requisites and the development of a solution for network frequency-power control (respecting European Network Codes).

Further efforts are certainly needed in the region to complete synchronization of the Baltic States with European networks, increase transmission capacity in the remote Nordic area, develop a regional gas market, and make the most of the region's energy efficiency and renewable energy potential, both onshore and offshore.

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