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Codazzi (CESI CEO) at Italia 4.0, Class CNBC Talk Show

Codazzi (CESI CEO) at Italia 4.0, Class CNBC Talk Show
09 . Jun . 2022

Our CEO, Matteo Codazzi, has taken part in the latest episode of Italia 4.0, the Talk Show by Class CNBC dedicated to the main financial and industrial topics. The episode, in Italian, is now available online, at this link.

The episode focuses on the European and Italian strategies to achieve energy independence, overcoming the gas imports from Russia. Together with the CESI CEO, Laura Cozzi (Chief Energy Modeller – IEA) and Nicola Armaroli (Research Director – CNR) discuss the role of renewables, the diversification of sources, and the phase-out of coal.

In particular, Codazzi highlights how a recent analysis by CESI showcases that “the development by 2025 of new renewables, even with additions for only 40 GW, would still be sufficient, together with other government initiatives, to achieve total independence from Russian gas and the closure of coal plants.” Indeed, according to our CEO, “the actual gas savings would ultimately be around 9 billion cubic meters, but to achieve this goal, it will be necessary to install new storage systems for 5.7 GW, so as to store any excess renewable energy, to be fed into the electricity grid when necessary.”

This solution, however, needs to be integrated with a series of measures. As Codazzi says, “it is therefore necessary to respond in an integrated way to the need for independence from Russian gas. With the increase in national gas production, together with energy saving solutions and the import diversification measures, the residual gas demand from Russia, by 2025, would be 3 billion cubic meters. Through the installation of renewables and storage we would be able to close this gap and make ourselves completely independent.”

In order to turn these strategies into reality, however, “it is crucial to move immediately to simplify the bureaucratic procedures and unblock administrative authorizations,” says our CEO.

You can stream the entire episode, in Italian, at this link.

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