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CESI at Power System Planning and Studies Forum

<strong>CESI at Power System Planning and Studies Forum</strong>
28 . Nov . 2022

Our CESI colleagues, Malgarotti, Cova, Salvetti e Vicini in collaboration with National Grid SA, attended the Power System Planning forum 2022 that took place on 22-24 November at SEC HR Theater in Riyadh.

The Power System Planning forum was a technical forum specialized in methods, programs, theories and techniques for power system planning, obstacles challenges and advanced reliable solutions.

The mission was to ensure the continuity and reliability of electricity supply to KSA residents in an economic way via innovative grid stabilization solutions and processes.

During the workshop CESI presented how can support SEC in the planning interconnections, future perspective on the base plans, experiences in interconnection projects around the world and CESI mitigation solutions to SEC/NG-SA grid planning challenges including KSA renewable integration plans and experience from other utilities about green transition, renewables integration.

Moreover, CESI explain the industry innovations for interconnections with a focus on HVDC Technologies and his applications, performance and optimization of parameters and the CESI experiences in the Gulf and other countries.  Without excluding innovative technologies linked to new algorithms, machine Learning and the theme of cybersecurity.

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