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Certification of EVSE and Interoperability tests at KEMA Labs

Certification of EVSE and Interoperability tests at KEMA Labs
06 . Sep . 2022

The rise of electric vehicles is bringing more and more changes to the electricity sector as well as the automotive industry. In this respect, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are one of the most important equipment for the future of E-mobility.

The widespread adoption of EVs is not only related to affordability of the vehicles, but also to a sufficiently meshed charging network. Safety, performances, and interoperability across multiple vendors are some of the challenges nowadays on the spotlight in this sector. Testing the single components is not enough anymore.

This is why KEMA Labs is performing several communication conformances tests of EVSE, according to CHADEMO and CCS standard, in our Flex Power Grid Lab, as well as Interoperability Tests in our Digital Lab.

Specifically, KEMA Labs offers services such as testing of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in real conditions; simulating vehicle-to-grid (V2G) interactions; reproducing all possible extreme environmental conditions, including solar irradiation, low and high temperature, watertightness in heavy rain and more; functional testing to check safety of the electrical equipment; and several others.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, the entire chain can be tested in the Flexible Power Grid Laboratory, where the interaction between several vehicles, EVSE, battery storage systems and the grid can be simulated, providing customers and system operators with valuable data of real working conditions before the mass roll-out of EVs onto the distribution grid.

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