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SAVE THE DATE: New CESI webinar with Massimo Garribba, Douglas J. Arent and Guido Bortoni

SAVE THE DATE: New CESI webinar with Massimo Garribba, Douglas J. Arent and Guido Bortoni
19 . Nov . 2021

On Monday, December 6th (4pm – 5pm, CET) the new CESI webinar, “It’s Now Time to Make our Future Sustainable”, will take place. In this free of charge webinar, Massimo Garribba (Deputy Director-General Responsible for the coordination of EURATOM policies – Directorate General Energy at the European Commission) and Douglas J. Arent (Executive Director, Strategic Public Private Partnerships, National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL) will discuss the key strategies toward decarbonization, respectively in Europe and the United States. The webinar is an opportunity to explore the topics presented in our latest Energy Journal issue, available for free at CESI’s Energy Journal.

In our new webinar, the discussion between the renowned speakers will revolve around the topic of sustainability and the growth of the competitiveness of green sources.

According to Garribba, “Prioritizing energy efficiency, with its great potential for energy savings; electrifying where we can, with a major focus on renewable energy; innovating where we cannot electrify, for instance with more low-carbon fuels and hydrogen:” these are the solutions to drive the decarbonization process forward in Europe, which will be further analyzed in the Deputy Director-General’s presentation. 

“Moving from an energy economy which is dominated by underground molecules to above ground resources and system dynamics implies a significant rethinking of countries’ approaches to geopolitics, and is front of mind for many,” is what the NREL Executive Director stated. During his speech in the webinar, he will explore further the role of the United States in transitioning to a decarbonized society.

Alongside them, Guido Bortoni (CESI Chairman and former President and Commissioner of ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) will address the crucial role of mitigation and adaptation initiatives for the energy transition, offering his point of view on the current scenario, upcoming technological developments and mid-term solutions. “When fighting climate change, it is necessary to intervene immediately and on a large scale, both in terms of emissions reduction and in terms of adapting to the different conditions in lifestyle and productive activities,” Bortoni said.

Roberto Cingolani, Minister for Ecological Transition of the Italian government, has also been invited to the webinar.

Massimo Garribba, Douglas J. Arent and Guido Bortoni have, also, released full-length interviews on the new issue of CESI’s Energy Journal.

Register, for free, to the webinar at this link.

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