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Read Testingly to know what’s up in the TIC industry!

Read Testingly to know what’s up in the TIC industry!
16 . Jun . 2021

The first issue of “Testingly” , the brand new KEMA Labs magazine , is now available online.

In the past months, TIC activities have quickly learned to change and adapt in order to meet the needs of customers all around the globe. In this respect, new and revolutionary technologies are being introduced and researched worldwide. Virtual and augmented reality, digitalization, smart technologies, and so on.  Such innovations are disrupting well-established, traditional paradigms in the power sector.

As such services are evolving and companies are trying to find new ways to offer solutions to all kinds of needs, Testingly, the KEMA Labs magazine, is aimed to offer an overview of the key trends in the sector , from the exploration of cutting-edge testing laboratories to interviews with renowned engineers and experts, from notable case histories to the main innovations that have been recently introduced.

This first issue of Testingly , aims to help the sector win current and future energy transition challenges, especially in coping with the real needs of markets and sustainable innovation.

Following the Editorial by Matteo Codazzi (CESI Group CEO) and Domenico Villani (KEMA Labs Executive Vice President) , you will find the Latest News TIC , where five stories and case studies related to testing, inspection, and certification will be briefly presented.

Furthermore, Our Innovative Services explores ground-breaking and efficient alternatives to SF6 gas for insulation and switching, which are aimed at replacing a highly-pollutant solution with sustainable ones. The Case History section, on the other hand, features an analysis of exemption tests , which are crucial to prevent the ignition of flammable vegetation in areas where surge arresters are installed , in a delicate location such as California.

Through Testingly, readers can also communicate with TIC experts on social media by clicking on the link in the Join the Conversation section.  Moreover, in TIC Events , you will be reminded of the main upcoming events that could be of interest to you and to the entire TIC sector. In the KEMA Labs Facilities section, you will experience a virtual tour through some of the most exciting global laboratories for testing, inspection and certification activities.

Finally, the Interview with… section features an in-depth conversation with the Head of our Dutch Flex Power Grid Lab , the most advanced and cutting-edge facility in the world for the integration of VRES into the power grid.

You can read the full first issue of Testingly at this link .

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