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Testing revolution: skills and know-how – The new issue of Testingly

Testing revolution: skills and know-how – The new issue of Testingly
14 . Oct . 2021

Testing revolution: skills and know-how , the second issue of Testingly , the KEMA Labs magazine , is now available online, for free. You can browse it at this link .

From the digitalization of transformers and substations to the development of smart grids, from the adoption of more sustainable means of mobility to the need to integrate V-RES into the power grid, from remote testing (through augmented and virtual reality) to the spreading of HVDC transmission systems, we are experiencing some of the major changes ever occurred to the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry .

As these changes pose new challenges, but also pave the way for new opportunities in the TIC sector, this second issue of Testingly aims to present the reader with an overview of the skillset required to achieve the ambitious goals of this fast-growing industry.

Testing revolution: skills and know-how is introduced by the Editorial co-signed by Matteo Codazzi (CESI Group CEO) and Domenico Villani (KEMA Labs Executive Vice President) , and followed by the latest news from the TIC industry: projects, initiatives and certification awards that will provide you with an overview on the most recent activities in the sector.

In the Innovative Technologies section, the article assesses how HVDC transmission offers a viable and efficient alternative to convey power from remotely located renewable generation through submarine cables. This solution will help countries to generate, and smoothly integrate into the existing grids, several hundred GWs of renewable offshore power by 2050.

Moreover, the Interview with… section features several interviews to TIC experts, who describe their industry experience and share their opinions about the future of testing, inspection, and certification.

In addition, the Testing Facilities section will be dedicated to new and cutting-edge laboratories in which electrotechnical components are tested to meet the most modern customer, with a special focus on the skills of the experts operating in these facilities. Furthermore, the Case History will present you with the chronicles of a formidable temperature rise test on two three-phase current-limiting reactors for a reputable manufacturer.

Last, but certainly not least, the People section summarizes the overarching theme of the present issue, by analyzing the main skills currently required in the TIC industry, offering useful opinions and suggestions to electric engineers around the world.

You can read and download Testingly n.2 at this link .

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