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Preserving LV panels and cables: the tests carried out by KEMA Labs

Preserving LV panels and cables: the tests carried out by KEMA Labs
02 . Aug . 2021

This summer, the world is once again witnessing the dramatic effects of climate change, whether it is devastating flooding, for example the ones that affected China and Germany, or deadly wildfires, such as the ones that occurred in Siberia.

These extreme weather events have affected people and critical infrastructure alike, showing the importance of testing grid components to make the power grid more resilient to the consequences of climate change.

In this respect, it is paramount to guarantee the safety of low-voltage (LV) panels and cables, which are mostly used in large industrial and residential applications. Their verification is, therefore, extremely important to avoid power outages and fires that can have a negative impact on end users.

Because of that, the KEMA Labs facilities – CESI Testing, Inspection and Certification Division – offer physical tests of these components, under real-world and extreme conditions. This guarantees the appropriate verification. In particular, panels are tested in our labs against the IEC 61439-1 standard and can be carried out at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz for global coverage. Land and submarine cables, instead, are type tested to meet the highest quality standards to deliver reliable service over many years.

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