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“Power sector and digitalization for the transition”: our EVP Gianluca Marini at the webinar

“Power sector and digitalization for the transition”: our EVP Gianluca Marini at the webinar
22 . Mar . 2021

On Wednesday, March 24th, at 10am – 12pm (CET), in the webinar “Power sector and digitalization for the transition” – organized by Elettricità Futura, together with Coordinamento Free and Key Energy – the protagonists of the electric sector in Italy will discuss the most urgent topics on the table.

Amongst the key players who will partake in the event, Gianluca Marini (Executive Vice President Consulting Division – CESI) will intervene to explain CESI’s position on the role of digitalization in the economic recovery, while also assessing the technologies we are currently working on, which can become crucial to the adoptions of the measures included in the Green Deal.

In this respect, Marini’s presentation will focus on the three drivers of Energy Transition – with digitalization as a core enabler:

  • replacement of high emission fuels with cleaner alternatives (such as Green Hydrogen);
  • electrification of consumption to leverage the increasing amount of clean energy;
  • development of customized services with sustainable approaches;

In fact, digitalization will be one of the pillars of the Green Recovery. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that, by 2040, over 1 billion households and 11 billion smart appliances will be involved in interconnected electrical systems, thanks to smart meters and smart grids. Digitalization also embraces a wide range of technologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things, with enormous development potential but also exposure to elements such as the growth of cyber threats.

In addition, our Consulting Division EVP will discuss the four key sectors in terms of innovation that is preparatory to the energy transition: technologies, business models, market design and operations. For each one of them, Marini will explore the solutions that could be implemented, as well as CESI’s role in promoting them.

Moreover, during the webinar, the speakers will assess the themes connected to the Green Deal and to the technological innovations set to drive economic and environmental recovery forward in Italy, in light of the upcoming National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNNR). If interested about such topics, you can watch the webinar, free of charge, at the following link.

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