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Offshore infrastructures: How to use them for the energy transition

Offshore infrastructures: How to use them for the energy transition
30 . Sep . 2021

Today, September 30th, at 12pm (CEST), Elettricità Futura and Assorisorse will launch the event “New and Existing Offshore Infrastructures: Key Elements in the Energy Transition”, as part of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition (OMC) which takes place in Ravenna, Italy.

In this respect, companies and research institutes that are at the forefront of the energy world and that are driving Italy towards energy transition will discuss the role of offshore infrastructures, focusing on the use and conversion of existing ones to reduce energy production costs and encourage the development of new technologies. Moreover, the experts involved in the event will assess the challenges and opportunities connected to building new infrastructures.

Amongst them, Tommaso Granata (Water Diagnostics & Monitoring Product Leader – CESI) will speak about the permitting associated with aspects of energy enhancement and environmental protection related to the conversion of existing offshore infrastructure.

During his presentation, the CESI expert will showcase how, “at the end of the operational life of an offshore platform for the extraction of hydrocarbons, the infrastructure can be enhanced for the installation of a turbine for wind generation and to increase its function as a reservoir of environmental biodiversity.” Furthermore, Granata will analyze the “the permitting phases to ground connection, through a submarine cable, and to the revaluation of the submerged structure to enhance its role in the protection of the marine species that have colonized it.”

Moreover, the joint meeting aims to identify proposals for legislators, so that the skills acquired by the supply chain in the offshore energy sector can be shared as a new way to “create” energy.

The participation in the OMC event is free, with mandatory registration at this link.

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