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The new KEMA Labs S&ST Charging Stations Service

The new KEMA Labs S&ST Charging Stations Service
09 . Mar . 2021

The rapid development of new technologies in the automotive market, with a special focus on e-mobility, demands the highest quality levels. For example, EV batteries are mounted on electric vehicles after passing severe safety verification tests such as crash test, watertight test, immersion test, and combustion test. Moreover, as DC technology develops, especially in automotive applications, new DC test stands must be designed and carried out: the short current paths require a very low circuit inductivity, which can be easily emulated in our automotive lab, along with high-power supply to reproduce the real network and operational conditions of the vehicles.

In this scenario, KEMA Services & Smart Technologies unit is involved in providing a leading-edge service within the fast-evolving e-mobility market . CESI, as an IEC 17065 accredited Certification Body for Charging Stations according to IEC 61851, has started working in the e-mobility market since 2012 and, during the last years, has strongly increased the range of activities.

In this respect, it has been established under S&ST a close collaboration between two different local business units in Milan (DGL) and Arnhem (FPGL) , with the goal to offer wider and complementary testing services. As Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) requirements move to higher DC voltages in order to accommodate heavier vehicles, communication protocol testing of EVSEs is assuming one of the first priorities and KEMA Labs in Arnhem hosts a best in class EV simulator.

In Arnhem, for DC stations, we offer Power Quality test and communication protocol test (CHADEMO and CCS), and the KEMA Labs system provides a fully controllable grid-equivalent that can operate over a wide range of frequencies, harmonics, voltages, and power levels. On the other hand, KEMA Labs in Milan provides a wide range of homologation tests including electrical safety, compliance to product standard IEC 61851-1, EMC, Climatic Environmental tests, and Mechanical tests.

This cross-collaboration between the two laboratories is a concrete example of how, at CESI, we are able to share skills and experiences among resources, in order to offer a wider and more competitive service to customers . In addition to these current activities, the KEMA Services & Smart Technologies LV-Laboratory in Berlin is focusing on innovative testing of automotive components aimed at supporting electric mobility as a strategic pillar for the coming years. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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