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KEMA Labs Chalfont supports EPRI and NRC

KEMA Labs Chalfont supports EPRI and NRC
21 . Jan . 2021

The KEMA Labs Chalfont Sales team and Operations team recently have been developing the North American electric power industry, an additional market aimed squarely at the ultimate consumer of the test results.

In this respect, the Chalfont facility has conducted a number of highly-specialized tests simulating real life field conditions in MV power generation HV and MV transmission in electric substations, inside nuclear power plants and utility overhead distribution lines.

These tests have been conducted for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and a number of power generation and utility companies such as Duke Energy. Such tests included the erection of structures and systems to simulate the interaction of multiple pieces of equipment in arc fault and other failure-related or dangerous situations.

Their results will be used by our customers to publish electric power industry papers, develop new regulatory guidance, inform technical specifications and address compliance with regulations, design criteria and licensing or permit requirements for generation, distribution and other electric power infrastructures.

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