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Testing for Smarter Grids at S&ST – MPSA in Arnhem

Testing for Smarter Grids at S&ST – MPSA in Arnhem
30 . Mar . 2021

The ongoing energy transition requires digitalization with intelligent electronic devices for measurement, protection and control in our power systems. Consequently, larger and smarter grids demand more communication between grid components , asensuring that energy flows are correctly monitored and controlled which is vital delivering a stable and reliable electricity supply .

That places ever greater importance on metering, protection and substation automation equipment . Rigorous, impartial testing is the only way to give all stakeholders confidence that systems will work properly when needed. Together with the KEMA Labs High-Power and high-voltage Laboratories , this is exactly what the S&ST department with the KEMA Metering, Protection and Substation Automation Laboratory offers: trusted and impartial standards-based testing of MPSA equipment .

In our facilities, energy meters, protection systems and ancillary systems or devices , substation automation equipment are tested and certified with the ISO 17025 accreditation according to a range of international standards. For energy meters the laboratory is Notified Body for the European Measurement Instruments Directive. MID 2014/32/EU .

In particular, we offer testing and certification of all kind of MPSA equipment, from electromechanical to electronic and digital. Carried out at the KEMA Laboratories for Metering, Protection and Substation Automation (MPSA) in Arnhem, one of the world’s most advanced facilities for testing T&D protection equipment , the tests available include:

  • Functionality
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Climatic environmental conditions
  • Mechanical environmental conditions
  • Electrical safety including dielectric performance
  • Contact and switch performance
  • Energizing quantities

Once the equipment has successfully completed all the required tests to recognized standards, we issue a KEMA Type Test Certificate and for energy meters additional the EU Type Examination Certificate . This is recognized around the world as a sign of quality, allowing to do business globally.

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