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Innovative T&D equipment testing in the new KEMA Labs webinar

Innovative T&D equipment testing in the new KEMA Labs webinar
09 . Nov . 2021

On Tuesday, November 16 th , at 10am (CET) , don’t miss out on Innovations in T&D Equipment and KEMA Labs readiness for testing , the new – and free of charge KEMA Labs webinar .

During the event, Peter Vaessen (Innovation Manager at KEMA Labs) and René Smeets (KEMA Labs Advisor) will present preparation and readiness for innovations in T&D equipment testing at KEMA Labs, offering examples and case histories, and answering the audience’s questions in the dedicated Q&A section .

As the ongoing global energy transition is introducing several innovations to the power system , such changes are reflected by the cutting-edge innovations that concern equipment technology. These changes are more and more driven by decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization . Therefore, during the webinar the KEMA Labs experts will discuss how the TIC industry is a critical part of the value chain, fundamental to successfully introduce these new innovations without causing safety, control and stability issues.

In particular, the experts will focus on innovations in HV switching technology , assessing key topics such as the increase of ratings, local generation, HVDC switching, fast-drive technology and several others. During the event, Vaessen and Smeets will also pinpoint the importance of such activities in regard with the need for more resilient power networks , adapt to integrate renewable energy sources and dependent on sustainable technologies.

Register, for free , at this link .

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