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Research and power utilities at the core of Energy Transition: the position of CESI

Research and power utilities at the core of Energy Transition: the position of CESI
09 . Jun . 2021

WEC Italia (Italian National Committee of the World Energy Council) and AIDIC (Italian Association of Chemical Engineering) have launched yesterday the seminar “University, Research and Energy Industry at the center of the Ecological Transition,” to discuss such issues with the main experts in the energy sector.

The event, sponsored by the MiTE (the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition), has seen CESI amongst the protagonists: our expert Alessandro Bertani (Services & Smart Technologies Director) has underlined how “the topic of energy transion must be tackled at 360 degrees, from big to small issues, and electricity is the vector with the highest potential in this regard.”

“At CESI, we have been working for over 10 years on the safety, resilience and stability of power networks,” said our expert, adding that “analyzing how energy storage must be enhanced in order to fully exploit the potential of VRES, we realized how important is the role of research and analytical studies.”

According to Bertani, “today we are moving towards a system 100% powered by renewable energy sources, with a key role played by the energy storage. The model of renewables, together with the storage of green hydrogen, shows excellent potential, since they allow the balancing of the electrical system at a central level.” Moreover, “effective demand-response solutions are also fundamental for the balancing of systems, managing consumption and coupling of the electric system to electric mobility,” concluded our expert.

Bertani also highlighted that, in Italy, universities and energy industry play a leading role in the development of the sector, which in recent years has opened to business and technological innovation.

You can watch the entire event at this link.

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