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E-mobility and energy transition: CESI Consulting Division EVP Gianluca Marini at the Agici event

E-mobility and energy transition: CESI Consulting Division EVP Gianluca Marini at the Agici event
15 . Oct . 2021

Gianluca Marini, CESI Group Executive Vice President for the Consulting Division , partook as a key speaker in the Agici Finanza d’Impresa OSMM 2021 Workshop . The event was aimed at discussing the latest report by OSMM (Optimal Sustainable Mobility Mix), which analyzes 21 Italian cities that represent almost half of the Italian population (28 million people) and compares them to the European average.

During the workshop, the key players in the energy sector evaluated the most suitable policy tools to facilitate the transition from traditional to electric mobility . The debate has also focused on how to accelerate the development of new business models in an integrated mobility system .

In this respect, the CESI EVP Marini stated that “The expected growth over the next 10 years in terms of electric vehicles (up to 6 M units or 60-fold today’s numbers) and charging infrastructure (up to 2+ M units) will be not only extremely disruptive to the automotive landscape, but it will also pose serious challenges to power systems and distribution grids.”

Furthermore, Marini added that “Additional electrical loads up to 15 TWh or 4 GW in 2030 seem not to be unrealistic, and the more smart charging technology will be deployed in our grids the more flexibility and load-following capabilities will be present in our power system.”

During his speech, the CESI EVP also showcased the importance of V2G (Vehichle-to-Grid) technology , as only 5% of total EV battery capacity in 2030, if made available for V2G, will be able unlock hundreds of GWh of flexibility. This is a very important topic, as numerous actors are involved in the E-mobility ecosystem , with companies positioning to cover one or multiple roles within the value chain, implying different types of business models that could be leveraged.

You can watch Gianluca Marini’s presentation and the entire workshop , for free, at this link .

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