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“Cybersecurity OT, focus on the electrical sector” – the new CESI | EnerNex webinar

“Cybersecurity OT, focus on the electrical sector” – the new CESI | EnerNex webinar
08 . Feb . 2021

On March 2nd, CESI and EnerNex will present a new joint webinar. “Cybersecurity OT, focus on the electrical sector”, which will take place at 5pm (CET) on Tuesday, March 2nd, focuses on the crucial role of cybersecurity aspect in the development and maintenance of the OT systems of the electrical sector.

Indeed, in the past few years, cybersecurity has become a pervasive aspect of OT systems, particularly in the electrical sector. Therefore, OT must integrate new functionalities exploiting connectivity with Internet and among systems, while also being protected from incoming threats and resilient in case of attacks.

In the upcoming CESI and EnerNex joint webinar, we will cover US and European standards and regulation for critical infrastructures, with a dedicated focus on the electrical sector, as well as the initiatives to be put in place to meet the requirements for cyber protection. Davide Piccagli (Automation & Innovative Solutions Product Leader – CESI Group) and Kay Stefferud (Director of Implementation Services – EnerNex) will discuss such issues and reply to all your questions about cybersecurity OT.

Register, free of charge, at this link.

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