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CESI at MEE – Middle East Energy Dubai 2021

CESI at MEE – Middle East Energy Dubai 2021
03 . Jun . 2021

This year’s MEE – Middle East Energy Dubai 2021 , one of the most important global events for the energy sector, is being carried out online , for the first time ever .

As the sector is looking towards the necessary solutions and technologies to achieve the global decarbonization goals, MEE offered the opportunity for industry leaders to develop a strategy for clean energy , find the right solution for their projects and develop their business. By dividing the event into four weeks dedicated to specific content and themes, MEE truly explored the specifics of the energy future for power utilities . Therefore, the main focus of the event has been aimed at showing how smart technologies and innovative services can accelerate energy transition , while also guaranteeing the safe and reliable functioning of power grids.

In this respect, CESI, with its KEMA Labs Division , was one of the key protagonists during the event. In fact, during the week dedicated to the topic of Electricity Transmission and Distribution , our KEMA Labs Division had the opportunity to present cutting-edge initiatives and services.

In particular, Alessandro Bertani (Services & Smart Technologies Director) and Markus Gührs (Test Engineer) focused their presentation on the sustainable mobility market , highlighting the crucial role of batteries and the necessary testing activities to verify their effectiveness.  In this respect, they showed how the KEMA Labs facilities are equipped with climatic chambers, specifically designed to test batteries and cells, data acquisition system, essential for monitoring the entire battery life cycle, and Cyclers, which can charge and discharge battery cells at precise and predefined speeds and conditions. You can watch the presentation at this link .

As the transmission of electricity is becoming fundamental for smart cities, the KEMA Labs experts Bas Verhoeven (High Voltage Labs Director) and Uberto Vercellotti (Product Development Manager Cables) presented the benefits that underground cables can bring to urban development in various global realities, as you can see by clicking on this link .

Of course, another crucial aspect connected to transmission and distribution is safety , as failures and outages can really harm the power network. In this regard, at MEE 2021 KEMA Labs presented new components that are key to avoid transformer failures . Exploring different conditions, the experts explained how dangerous the consequences of arc failures in transformers can be, presenting several innovative solutions in this regard. In case you missed the event, you can access the registration via this link.

As the pandemic has impacted the power sector as well, showing what areas of improvement need to be assessed, KEMA Labs has presented essential services that will help our sector to overcome the current challenges and design the future of energy networks.

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