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CESI and EnerNex boast microgrids distribution in the US

CESI and EnerNex boast microgrids distribution in the US
12 . Feb . 2021

Production from renewable resources is experiencing constant growth (select USA estimates claim it will reach 50% of all electric energy production by 2030) and investments in smart technologies remain among the highest in the world (14.4 billion USD in 2017, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance).

It is the birth of what is known as the Advanced Energy Economy , a term that encapsulates the entire ecosystem of merchandise, services and technologies that support the transmission, distribution, storage and consumption of energy in the American market, worth roughly 200 billion dollars.

In this respect, EnerNex (a CESI Company) has developed use cases, requirements and RFPs for multiple microgrids with various primary and backup generation options. These solutions help to ensure power delivery to critical facilities, including fire stations, police stations, city halls, emergency shelters and nursing homes.

EnerNex determined the best options and developed business cases, performed cost benefit analyses for generation options including combined heat and power (CHP), natural gas and propane fuels. It also calculated the total electric load and wrote the generator specifications for a number of communities microgrids . Additional design considerations included the need to support cold load pickup, to operate in hurricanes, floods and other severe weather situations and the need to integrate into existing communications and electric distribution systems.

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