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New CESI’s dossier: Smart grids for the energy transition

New CESI’s dossier: Smart grids for the energy transition
09 . Sep . 2021

Smart grids for the energy transition, the latest dossier by CESI, is now available for free on Aspenia online, the internet version of Aspenia, magazine by Aspen Institute Italy.

Comprised of three in-depth articles, the dossier aims to analyze the evolution of power grids, which are undergoing a process of adaptation and deep technological renovation towards ‘smart grids.’ “This process of network renewal is called grid modernization,” according to Matteo Codazzi, CESI Group CEO, who added in his article Grid modernization: effective investments in power networks as the key to foster the energy transition that grid modernization “entails an accurate and structured process to identify the key investments and to deploy the necessary technological infrastructure in a quick and streamlined manner.”

Moreover, in his article, our CEO pointed out the investment plan for grid modernization should be based on a four-step approach that needs to be inclusive and supported by “a suitable regulatory paradigm that would favor the realization of impactful investments in intelligent networks while ensuring appropriate financial returns for the electric industry.”  

Speaking of regulations and investments, The evolution towards smart grids: a new emerging framework – the second article in the dossier, written by Bruno Cova (Advisory Services & Studies Director at CESI Group) – highlights how “electricity networks also need to evolve in order to support the innovative solutions implemented in the system, with several technologies supporting this process.” According to the CESI expert, “The transformation of the electricity sector towards the smart grid dimension does not only regard technology but has a notable impact on the underlying economic model, which follows the same direction from a centralized asset-intensive approach towards distributed, digitalized and shared resources.”

In this respect, Davide Piccagli (Automation and Innovative Solutions Product Leader at CESI Group), has analyzed the four main pillars for the future development of smart grids: advanced connectivity, mobile access to the operational technology (OT) systems, big data and cybersecurity. In his article, Smart grid technologies that will change the energy sector, Piccagli also underlines the key role of 5G technology, which will be “of paramount importance to support the deployment of the four pillars necessary for the digitalization of the grid.”

To explore these topics, you can read our three articles by clicking on this link.

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