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CESI at Energy Transition Event organized by Aspen

CESI at Energy Transition Event organized by Aspen
12 . Nov . 2020

Tomorrow, at 12am (CEST) our Group CEO, Matteo Codazzi, will participate to the seminar “New Technologies and the Future of Energy: The Challenges of Ecological Transition”, organized by Aspen Institute Italia, as part of the “Biennale Tecnologia” of the University Politecnico di Torino.

Our CEO will focus on those key technologies for the energy transition, which are set to become structural innovations for the entire power sector.  Specifically, Matteo Codazzi will explore some of the major preparatory innovations both for greater resilience of electricity grids and for reducing emissions, which can respond to the increasing demand of sustainable source of energy, as well as providing news solutions in difficult times, such as the ones we are living now.

As CESI is committed to providing its global customers and end-users with constant continuity and innovation of services, our CEO will also explain the technologies our Group has implemented in the past few months in order to help our clients.

Together with Laura Cozzi (Head Energy Modelling Unit, IEA), David Livingston (Senior Analyst, Eurasia Group) and Toni Volpe (CEO, Falck Renewables SpA), Matteo Codazzi will discuss the above-mentioned issues and much more tomorrow, Friday November 13th, from 12am.

Learn more about the event here: Biennale Tecnologia.

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