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KEMA Labs’ remote services to support reliable power grids during virus crisis

KEMA Labs’ remote services to support reliable power grids during virus crisis
02 . Apr . 2020

In the last three months, unfortunately the entire world has been affected by the shocking pandemic emergency caused by the COVID-19 disease. In this situation, it is essential to be able to guarantee the operation of critical sectors such as the energy one. Electricity, especially in this moment, is an essential service that can’t afford outages or interruptions. For this reason, the need to test, inspect and certify the power grids’ components are crucial to make grids more and more safe and reliable. This is what KEMA Labs , a CESI brand, has been doing effectively for years.

Unfortunately, testing, inspection and certification activities are also impacted by the worldwide lockdown due to obvious concerns regarding travel restrictions, goods delivery and foremost people’ safety.

Aware of the crucial importance of fully functioning power grids, KEMA Labs is committed to ensure its clients receive the best support and service continuity even if they cannot be physically present in our labs. We will commit to this through the implementation of a pioneering approach: taking advantage of professional video technology that generates a continuous video stream from different angles and perspectives, allowing our clients to remotely witness their tests in our platforms located all over the world to ensure their commitment with end users or simply to avoid interrupting investments on new products.

Our commitment to deliver the real-time availability of the test results for immediate client evaluation and, where possible, the evaluation to outsource the installation phase of test objects under remote client supervision, allows to accommodate the full testing experience.

In addition, we are carrying on with inspection and certification activities remotely with specific procedures that ensure the objectivity and quality.

A large range of services and test programs are suitable with this approach as KEMA Labs is ready to evaluate them case by case, as well as assessing the activities in detail with the client.

Contact our Director of Sales and Marketing Paolo Miolo for details and request of remote services.

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