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EJ last issue: power to the grids!

EJ last issue: power to the grids!
17 . Jan . 2020

Milan, January 17th , 2020 – In order to focus on a scenario in which electric power distribution and transmission are becoming vital to the energy transition, this issue of CESI’s Energy Journal will explore networks, in terms of resilience and as the focus of technological investments, to provide for a stable and innovative future. We have dedicated our magazine’s top story to climate change and strategies against extreme weather. If the scenario remains unchanged, damage to critical infrastructure in Europe could multiply tenfold by the end of the century (from €3.4 to €34 billion) solely on account of climactic change. In the more industrialized countries, electrical system resilience and flexibility is achieved also through smart grids. The digitalization of the electrical sector alone, understood as the convergence between communication networks and energy infrastructure, is estimated to be worth nearly US$1.3 trillion over 2016-2025, creating 3.45 million new jobs globally. In this scenario, experimentation is fundamental to ensure that the entire ecosystem has the maximum level of efficiency and reliability. As shown in the last EJ issue, CESI’s recent acquisition of KEMA will allow the two companies to unite forces, competences and assets and become the global leader in the “Testing, Certification and Inspections” Sector. In this issue of EJ we have also asked Hervé Lafaye, newly elected President of ENTSO-e for an opinion on the current role of network operators, about the current geographic challenges and the importance of cooperation.

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