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CESI Meteoweb helps the energy sector facing climate change

CESI Meteoweb helps the energy sector facing climate change
17 . Apr . 2020

Due to its high-efficiency and reliability, e-distribuzione has decided to rely on Meteoweb, the weather forecast tool developed by CESI, to increase the readiness of programming operations of its networks during adverse weather periods.

Developed by CESI and based on e-distribuzione O&M (Italian Network Operation and Maintenance) specifications, Meteoweb is a tool through which the national control room and the operational staff of e-distribuzione can continuously monitor the weather forecasts prepared by EPSON – MOPI. It helps planning resources and intervention with a 72-hour horizon in an effective manner, as well as activities during emergencies, being able to benefit, in such critical circumstances, from the assistance service of a dedicated Weather Room: direct connection with   short-term forecasts and bulletins of “now-casting”.

Available on personal computers and smartphones, Meteoweb supports the conduction and monitoring operations by predicting the intensity and extent of meteorological events, evaluating extreme weather phenomena connected to temperature, wind, rain and snow. Meteoweb provides also the so-called “Electric Weather Risk Index – IRME”. It is a parameter for estimating the risk level of the electrical infrastructure connected to intense weather phenomena. IRME is displayed in Meteoweb, through cartographic and tabular representation, and is calculated according to criteria established by the Operation and Maintenance of the e-distribuzione network and CESI.

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