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Join the new CESI and EnerNex webinar on 5G/LTE

Join the new CESI and EnerNex webinar on 5G/LTE
18 . Nov . 2020

Tomorrow, November 19th (5.00 – 6.00 pm CEST) join “5G/LTE: A Game Changer for Electric Utilities?”, our free of charge CESI and EnerNex upcoming webinar.

Through the presentations by Ron Chebra (EnerNex Vice President of Grid Modernization) and Davide Piccagli (CESI Automation & Innovative Solutions Product Leader), the joint webinar explores the importance of the new 5G/LTE technology for the power sector. Alongside its benefits and implications for electric utilities, our speakers will focus on this technology’s risks connected to the the ever-present cyber threats.  Furthermore, “5G/LTE: A Game Changer for Electric Utilities” ranges from ultra-wideband to narrowband IOT and the use of and potential value streams for utilities.

You can attend live, ask questions and interact with our speakers tomorrow, at 5.00 – 6.00 pm CEST, by registering at the following link, for free:

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