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CESI’s project to support Tajikistan’s Electrical Network

CESI’s project to support Tajikistan’s Electrical Network
09 . Oct . 2020

Even during the lockdown period, Consulting Division is carrying out its scouting and commercial activities, achieving great results !

Starting from the end of September, CESI provides Consultancy Services to deliver construction supervision services for the installation of the 500kV HVAC Transmission Line “Rogun Sangtuda Converter Station.” This initiative takes place in Tajikistan where, over the last years, different activities have been implemented to guarantee the country’s economic development.

Our involvement in the project includes the participation of several of our consultants with high-level expertise in the sector, supported by local consultants.

Particularly, our Client, Open Joint Stock Holding Company “Barki Tojik”, the national energy company of the Republic of Tajikistan, intends to expand and increase the reliability of Tajikistan electrical network to export electricity to South Asia countries (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan). The main project components are a 500kV AC transmission line from Obi Garm to Sangtuda HVDC convertor substation with a total length of 118km and the Expansion of Sangtuda substation via installation 500kV line bay.

In this regard, the Client requested to hire an International Consultant for receiving Owner’s Engineering services during the execution of the main tasks of the project:

  • The Bid Assistance Phase,  dedicated to agreeing and defining with the customer the structure of the tender documentation, namely the general approach and a set of requirements and conditions that applied to the procurement.
  • The Pre-Construction Phase  is quite complex and requires preliminary ESIA document preparation and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). CESI, supported by its local partners, will perform a proper analysis of the environmental and social impacts of the new transmission system and prepared the necessary reports. Following the design reviews related both to HVAC Substations and Over Head Transmission Line (OHTL), we reviewed the Contractor’s detailed engineering design and verified it in accordance with the specifications, international technical standards, and local regulations.
  • The Construction Phase,  in order to ensure CESI’s adequate quality control during the manufacturing process of required materials and equipment, supervision of the construction, erection of the facilities, monitoring of the correct implementation, and progress of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Upon completion of site tests and commissioning, CESI will assist in certifying the above-mentioned activities in order to implement the Contractor’s works.

This layered and articulated project is another valuable achievement in CESI’s catalogue, which once again showed its ability to support customers throughout every step of the way from planning to construction. With this activity, CESI proves itself again as one of the best worldwide consulting companies in the energy sector.

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