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The world leader in testing and certification is born

The world leader in testing and certification is born
20 . Dec . 2019

The transaction of the KEMA Labs’ ownership to CESI has been completed. The KEMA Labs testing and inspections facilities include the world’s largest high-power laboratory, with the highest short circuit power of 10,000 MVA, and the world’s first laboratory capable of testing ultra-high voltage components for super grids, as well as the Flex Power Grid Laboratory, for advanced testing of smart grids components.   With the transfer finalized, CESI and KEMA Labs become together the world leader for independent testing of advanced technological components for the energy industry. The Company will continue to offer top-class testing and inspections services with laboratories in the Netherlands, United States of America, Czech Republic together with its platforms in Italy, Germany and Middle East and with a permanent presence in China for inspection activities. The combination of the expertise and assets of the two industry leaders will allow all sector technologies to be experimented and tested, simulating extreme and complex operating conditions. The R&D centers of international component manufacturers will be able to exploit the CESI and KEMA Labs facilities to develop and streamline their products right from the research, development and prototyping phases. In addition to the power and voltage ones, tests in controlled climatic environments can be performed to test the resistance of components to ice or extremely low or high temperatures. The Group platforms are also used to conduct tests by stimulating the mechanical stress that grid components undergo during heavy earthquakes, downfall, floods and strong winds. Furthermore, tests on direct current power cables, electric car recharge stations and smart grid and smart meter systems can be performed too.

“CESI now owns the world’s most advanced testing laboratories in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and the United States, offering top-class testing and inspections services to major world-wide utilities and global manufacturers of HV/MV/LV components for the power industry”, says CEO of CESI, Matteo Codazzi. “The energy sector is undergoing a deep transformation, with client needs continuously evolving. Through the combination of CESI and KEMA Labs respective laboratories, and the mutual expertise of our talented professionals, we are creating the global market leader in independent testing and inspections for the energy industry. Together, CESI and KEMA are uniquely positioned to provide our world-wide customers with outstanding services to effectively address the challenges of the energy transition .”

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