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25 . Oct . 2019

​The testing sector plays a fundamental part of the electricity sector and is undergoing a deep transformation thanks to innovation and technology. But the watchword is “safety”. In fact, electricity products must guaranteesafe operating standards and even more governments and agencies have developed rigorous requirements for electrical products that are sold world-wide. That’s where testing services operate: thanks to specific and accurate tests they analyze products and components certifying their quality and safety .
And nowadays this happens more and more thanks to digitalization, since devices are now often connected (let’s think about, for example, electric cars). Smart sensors, big data, cybersecurity and blockchains become even more central.
The Boston Consulting Group estimates that over the next decade, the digital technologies just described will concern approximately 40% to 60% of the current TIC market.
With the acquisition of  KEMA Laboratories, CESI will further extend its portfolio and range of action, continuing to offer to a wide range of clients worldwide, testing, inspection and certifications services with special focus on technology and innovation to guarantee every kind of grid equipment.​

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