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31 . Jul . 2019

​Milan, July 31, 2019 – Dubai has become one of the most sustainable and smart cities in the world, quickly rising in international classifications, leaving more storied Western megalopolises in its wake, one-by-one. According to a report published by the International Entrepreneurship Forum and Exhibition (IEFE) in 2018, Dubai currently stands 60th in the world, and is in 1st place regionally. We followed its steps on our Energy Journal: the city has evolved from a town of just 10,000 inhabitants to a metropolis of 2,7 million, a sort of population explosion that led to a number of consequences, such as the increase of energy consumption and climate change emissions. A challenge that Dubai is facing effectively. In this respect, DEWA (the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) has already installed 200 recharging stations for electric vehicles around the city. There are also already 1,145 buildings with photovoltaic panels installed on the rooftops for clean energy generation, all connected to the Smart Dubai network, for a total capacity of 50MW. Moreover, the city has fixed a goal to reduce consumption of energy by 30% by 2030, which cannot be achieved without clear knowledge and awareness among consumers. To this end, DEWA has promoted installation of 250,000 smart meters in homes, shops and companies around Dubai.  Read the full article :


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