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10 . May . 2019

​Milan, May 10, 2019 – Today Mr Davide Crippa, Under-Secretary of State for energy at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development is visiting CESI and RSE headquarters in Milan.
In the current phase of unprecedent change in the energy industry, it is increasingly important to establish a continuous dialogue between institutions and important energy players. In line with this approach, the Undersecretary makes direct contact with companies such as CESI and RSE.  The two companies develop in their laboratories activities of particular importance to improve both the quality of life of citizens and the competitiveness of Italian companies.
“In this scenario in great transformation, CESI confirms both its significant international projection, strengthened by its presence in 40 countries as a consultant for utilities and institutions, and to be “forerunner” for the development opportunities abroad for the Italian energy companies, by focusing on activities such as the integration of renewables  into the existing grids, smart grids, demand response and data analytics technologies, cybersecurity and HVDC interconnections power lines” stated CESI CEO , Matteo Codazzi.​​​

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