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24 . May . 2019

​Milan, May 24, 2018 – Yesterday Egypt and Cyprus signed an agreement for the realization of EuroAfrica, the submarine interconnection that will allow electricity  exchanges between Europe and Africa. The project will speak Italian too. In fact, CESI has been selected as technology Consultant for the completion of a cost-benefits analysis regarding the highway. 707 km long and capable of conveying 2,000 MW of energy,  it will connect Greece, Crete and Cyprus up to Egypt by 2022 using the HVDC technology ( High Voltage Direct Current). Moreover, the study of another interconnection – able to convey 3,000 MW of electricity between Egypt and Saudi Arabia – is ongoing. The EuroAfrica Interconnector, in brief, will be the main part of an electric backbone connecting Europe, Africa and the Gulf area for the first time.
The project will bring a number of benefits: Cyprus and Crete will end their energy isolation, Egypt will be connected to the European electricity grids, and Europe will take advantage of a safer electricity supply, thanks to both Cyprus and Egypt’s gas reserves and renewable energy sources.  This will lead to a concrete reduction in CO2 emissions. CESI will evaluate the benefits from a socio-economical point of view, in terms of renewables penetration and adequacy of the electrical systems .​

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