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04 . Sep . 2019

​Bahrain has set challenging clean energy targets for 2035, proposing an organic approach that integrates contributions arriving from different clean energy sources. We had the opportunity to directly discuss the topic with Bahrain’s Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs,  H.E. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, in our latest issue of the Energy Journal.
The future energy mix in the Kingdom of Bahrain will be a blend of conventional and alternative energy sources. Traditional gas powered turbines will be supplemented by alternatives such as solar and wind farms, both distributed and centralized, and waste to-energy plants. The availability of local resources such as skilled labor, optimal solar irradiance levels, suitable areas for collectors to be mounted, winds and areas earmarked for development of wind farms and waste streams available for waste-to-energy plants will become much more important going forward.
Moreover, Bahrain’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP)  sets a national energy efficiency improvement target of 6% by 2025. CESI is working since years side by side with Bahrain to support the Country’s goals, especially in the field of smart metering and solar. You can read here the issue:EJ 14​​​​

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