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EnerNex joins CESI

EnerNex joins CESI
09 . Jul . 2018

July 09, 2018 — Today CESI and EnerNex, a leading U.S. electric power engineering and consulting firm,haveannounced an acquisition closure that brings EnerNex under the CESI Group umbrella. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, EnerNex is a leader in research, engineering and consulting services to the electric power industry. The acquisition combines two stable, and profitable companies with complementary portfolios to provide the most cutting-edge energy solutions for utilities, energy investors and regulatory bodies around the world. The acquisition will lead synergic benefits for both companies: on the one hand, EnerNex has a solid experience in activities concerning grid modernization, cybersecurity and demand response, especially in North America; on the other hand CESI is a global leader in power systems planning and operational optimization, shaping major energy interconnections. Together, CESI and EnerNex will offer their clients a one-stop-shop solution for all their needs related to the energy transition challenges.​
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