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EJ: Turn on the light on Africa’s possibilities

EJ: Turn on the light on Africa’s possibilities
29 . Mar . 2018

​The Energy Journal ‘s issue 12 is focused on the Africa’s opportunities in the energy sector. Access to energy is one of the most important challenges in this respect. Africa has a rich potential to take advantage of, by skipping several levels in its development. In particular, it can  focus its commitment  on renewables, distributed generation and smart grids, integrating on-grid and off-grid systems in order to grow in a sustainable way,  leapfrogging the West.
We discussed this captivating challenge with Christine Lins, Executive Secretary of Ren21, the global renewable energy policy multi-stakeholder network .
In order to present some concrete examples of cutting edge technological projects in Africa we have dedicated one article on Cesi projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Algeria regarding HVDC interconnections.
Moreover, we have covered another significant aspect: the current steps of some African cities towards energy innovation. Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi are just a few examples of cities that are embracing progress, becoming safer, more efficient and sustainable in their energy consumption.
To read the full issue 12, please click the link below the picture.

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