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The first European independent HVDC lab

The first European independent HVDC lab
02 . Sep . 2014
​The new lab represents a global center of excellence and is based on “state-of-the-art” technologies for testing cables, components and innovative systems for High Voltage Direct Current, a strategic asset for long distance energy transmission. It is the first and biggest European independent laboratory for Direct Current and it leverages the most modern technologies able to perform Development Tests, Type Tests and Prequalification Tests on HVDC cables up to 1200khV DC. HVDC, that stands for High Voltage Direct Current, is a system for electricity transmission able to reduce energy losses allowing long distance transmission of high amount of energy at low costs. This solutions is utilized among many others by European Transmission Operators to improve interconnections between different regions and Countries, rationalizing the huge energy streams from Northern Europe’s windfarms just for example. For the opening ceremony CESI organizes a special Symposium at Zeughaus Museum of Mannheim, focused on HVDC strategic plans around the World, hosting the key global players in the business and the most important experts of this sector. Matteo Codazzi, CESI’s CEO, commented: “We strongly believe that this laboratory will offer a further and concrete support to our clients coming for all over the world, contributing to further development of HVDC technology and facilitating its adoption on a geographic level. Such technology, crucial for long distance energy transmission at low costs, may be well defined as the broadband of electricity transmission and represents more and more the foundation for pan-regional energy integration strategies, not only in Europe but in Asia, Africa and Middle East as well. Today we are particularly proud of confirming our long term investment plan with the opening of this important laboratory, that brings together the best of German technology and Italian expertise, being the state of the art in HVDC business.”.

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