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EJ: April’s issue is now available

EJ: April’s issue is now available
16 . Apr . 2014

​In the third issue of EJ we discuss about transformation and evolution in the energy sector.
Through exclusive interviews and in-depth analysis, EJ illustrates how various changes are heading in the same direction and affecting the global energy scenario .
In this issue we start from Europe, which has made courageous choices regarding CO2. José Manuel Barroso clearly describes them in his presentation of the new European Energy and Climate Framework. In his intervention, the EC President underlines the need to facilitate Europe’s move towards a decarbonized economy through a strong commitment to reshape the EU’s electricity grid. For this very reason the present issue of EJ also focuses on pan-European e-highways and substantial projects for new HVDC corridors, as currently planned in Germany.
But electric grids’ transformation is becoming a key topic also in other important parts of the world: in order to facilitate the integration of renewables in the Middle East or the optimization of energy sources at continental level in Latin America or the adequate access to electricity in the remote areas of India, where hundreds of millions of people still live in poor conditions. That is why this issue of EJ also addresses not only Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plan for fostering renewable energy – a soaring plan that is discussed in the “Face-to-Face” interview between Ahmed Al Mubarak (SEC) and Gianluca Marini (CESI) – but also developments in India and Latin America. Regarding the latter, EJ focuses its attention to those issues that still prevent the development of effective energy integration policies in the region, as seen through the eyes of Nicolàs Depetris Chauvin of WEC Latin America.
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