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CESI supports Jordan to reduce Energy losses

CESI supports Jordan to reduce Energy losses
06 . Jun . 2014

Under the high patronage of the Jordanian Energy Regulatory Authority ERC, the three Distribution Companies of Jordan (JEPCO, EDCO and IDECO) have selected, after a tough international tendering procedure, CESI to model and study the energy losses in the Jordanian Power System, proposing a tailored road map for the reduction of technical and non-technical energy losses .

Under this Contract (budget around 500kUSD), CESI’s tasks and targets are:
• To develop a reasonable and innovative methodology to model and simulate the energy losses throughout the Jordanian Distribution system
• To perform the calculation of the losses, with a clear breakdown among technical and non-technical losses
• To propose a tailored and cost-effective roadmap for each Distribution Company to reduce the energy losses in the respective network.
The number of clients of the three Distribution Companies rises 1.654 million with an energy consumption 14,274 GWh and a peak demand of 2,770 MW. The total energy losses in Jordan arises 17.27% in 2012.
The contract among CESI and the three Jordanian Distribution Companies was signed on the 5th of February 2014 and on the 3rd of March 2014 a kickoff meeting was held at the presence of the top managers of JEPCO, EDCO and IDECO and the General Secretary of the Jordanian Energy Regulatory Committee.
The goals of this assignment represent a key strategic plan for the three Distribution Companies and the Country in general, which can benefit of the results for strengthening its competiveness, attracting at the same time an increasing amount of investments, guaranteeing a basis of justice and stability to the Consumers.

For these reasons, CESI is really proud of this assignment and will work in close cooperation with all the stakeholders involved in order to assure an optimal delivery of the results expected from the Clients.

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