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WEC China 2013

WEC China 2013
25 . Apr . 2013

CESI intensifying its active role as WEC Global partner

Domenico Villani, Director of Testing&Certification Division of CESI as well as Managing Director of the two German controlled companies IPH GmbH and FGH Engineering and Test GmbH, will take part as discussion leader to the round table in Beijing on the 24th-25th April.
After its participation at WEC held in India at the beginning of February where it has been welcomed as member of the Global Partner programme, CESI is intensifying its active role in the WEC, by bringing the innovative view of a pioneering company which has been helping utilities, governments, regulators, investors and manufacturers in shaping a better energy future since 50 years all over the world.
On the 25th February Mr. Villani will present CESI’s view about renewable energies and their sustainability. Bringing as case study the Italian situation, where market dynamics and power grid balance changed radically after the introduction of feed in tariff schemes, it will be pointed out how direct subsidies in this field are not the right way for the growth and that an equilibrated mix of investments in new technologies (such as energy storage and hv CPV) and, contemporarily, of improvement of the network infrastructure (diffusion and further implementation of smarter grids) can help China (and also other nations) to obtain a sustainable renewable energy market.
The WEC China International Summit will be co-hosted with the support of the Government of China and the Chinese National Committee and will hosts a good mix of experts from China (experts from leading Chinese universities and institutions such as the Energy Research Institute, the NDRC think-tank as well as representatives from government and from the Chinese and China-based private sector) and overseas.

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