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Smart grid debates at the WEC Daegu 2013

Smart grid debates at the WEC Daegu 2013
11 . Oct . 2013

​The 22nd World Energy Congress will be held in Daegu, Korea from Sunday, October 13 to Thursday, October 17, 2013.
The Congress offers the best insights into the global energy sector and access to the leading global energy markets, with a high-level exclusive and informative program featuring addresses by government ministers and chief executives along with experts from around the world .
Matteo Codazzi, CEO at CESI, will moderate the session entitled “Smart grid: Energizing social innovation” on October 17th, engaging discussion leaders on various dimension such as 1) What are the success stories of incentivizing demand? 2) Will demand follow? Are people buying into the smart revolution? 3) Is it a business case? Who should pay?
By enabling energy efficiency, integrating renewable energy, supporting electric vehicle deployment, reducing CO2 emissions, and a more interactive participation of consumers, smart grids could become the backbone for tomorrow’s energy solutions. The momentum is building globally, but unfortunately today most smart grid business cases are weak as we overestimate the customer engagement and grossly underestimate the cost and benefits.
On October 15th, Alessandro Clerici, senior advisor at CESI and Executive Chair of World Energy Resources at WEC, will hold a speech in the session entitled “The untapped hydro potential: Opportunities and risks”. With only one-third of the realistic hydro potential developed to date and at least 75% of the unexploited hydropower potential is found in Africa, Asia and Latin America, large hydro will move into the action space.

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