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The EIB awards to CESI a strategic study for Jordan

The EIB awards to CESI a strategic study for Jordan
06 . Dec . 2012

​The European Investment Bank, through the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) aimed at supporting the partner countries in their efforts towards better governance and economic and social development, is financing a Technical Assistance to investigate the reinforcement of a power transmission corridor in Jordan .

This reinforcement becomes paramount, when considering the significant amounts of new generation coming on line in Jordan over the next 10 years, or imported from Egypt, and the need to enhance electric connectivity between the MENA region and Europe.
After an international competition among the most experienced consulting firms, CESI, in partneship with AF-Mercados EMI, has been awarded this feasibility study with the purpose of analysing the options on the reinforcement of the high voltage south-north transmission corridor, the possibility to implement a 400kV dual overhead transmission line and the related new substation, drawing a special attention to the interconnection requirements in the context of the development of national and regional electricity patterns .

The kickoff meeting took place on the 26th of November in the EIB Headquarters in Luxembourg in the presence of the EIB delegates and the project team from the Consulting, Solutions and Services Division of CESI.

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