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CESI’s Fraisopi elected as Board Member of the CPV Consortium

CESI’s Fraisopi elected as Board Member of the CPV Consortium
21 . Dec . 2012

CESI is glad to announce that Mr. Francesco Fraisopi (Director of Business Development for Solar Cells) has been elected Member of the Board of Directors at CPV Consortium from January 1, 2013 up to December 31, 2015.
The CPV Consortium was created by the global actors in the Concentrated PhotoVoltaic (CPV) business to support the effective growth of the terrestrial High Concentration PhotoVoltaic  (HCPV) business.
CESI has been investing for decades in the development and production of MultiJunction cells for bothspace andterrestrial application.
CESI is currently investing in the MENARegionand Far East Markets with the aim to actively enable market penetration.
CPV, with its higher efficiency delivers higher energy production per megawatt installed, provides the lowest cost of solar energy in high solar regions of the world. The technology is in its early stage with significant headroom for future innovation, and it has the ability to ramp to gigawatts of production very rapidly.
Francesco Fraisopiis responsible forbusiness development ofboth terrestrial and space MultiJunction solar cells produced by CESI. Hejoins the solar industryin 2006and contributes to the grid connection of about 140MWp rooftop and ground mount PhotoVoltaic plants both in Italy andabroad.

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