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CESI @ Cigré 2012

CESI @ Cigré 2012
27 . Aug . 2012

CESI is pleased to announce the presence at CIGRE 2012, from August 27th to August 31st 2012 in Paris.
With more than 6,000 international visitors expected, the CIGRE Session is the leading event for Power Systems experts from all around the world.
CIGRE is a permanent non-government and non profit-making international association which was founded in 1921, in France, acting as the worldwide forum for the professionals of the Electrical Power Industry: 7400 members in 89 countries, 6,279 individual members and 1,136 collective members (companies, Educational/research bodies).
All key actors in Power Systems, i.e. producers, system operators, traders, equipment manufacturers, regulators, laboratories, academics and consultants work together and share expertise to produce and deliver unbiased high-quality technical information in support of industry needs.
For these reasons CESI, member of CIGRE since many decades, uses to attend the General Session with both a technical and commercial participation. In 2012 we will present the following paper:
Market integration in Europe: a market simulator taking into account different market zones and the increasing penetration of RES generation
B. Cova (CESI SpA), P. Capurso (Terna SpA), E. Elia (Terna SpA), P. Portoghese (Terna SpA), M. Stabile (CESI SpA), F. Vedovelli (Terna SpA), A. Venturini (CESI SpA);
The realization and commissioning of the ±500 kV 1000 MW HVDC link. Sardinia Island – Italian Peninsula (SAPEI)
S.Malgarotti (CESI SpA), R. Rendina (Terna SpA), M.R.Guarniere (Terna SpA), R.Niccolai (Terna SpA), G.Pazienza (Terna SpA), A. Gualano (Terna SpA), A.Danelli (CESI SpA), B.Jansson (ABB AB), F.Alvarez (ABB AB), W.Lovison (ABB SpA), A.Persico (ABB SpA), A.Orini (PRYSMIAN SpA), F.Bocchi (PRYSMIAN SpA), S.Aleo (PRYSMIAN SpA), G.Curtotti (PRYSMIAN SpA);
Very Short Term Optimal Dispatching: an Integrated Solution for the Advance Dispatching
D. Dresco (CESI SpA), C. Sabelli (Terna SpA), G. Giannuzzi (Terna SpA), C. Martarelli (Terna SpA), M.A. Sidoni (Terna SpA), M. Pozzi (CESI SpA), C. Bruno (CESI SpA), D. Di Bernardo (CESI SpA).
During the Event in our stand (see the stand and the location) it will be possible to meet from the Consulting, Solution and Services Division, Sales & Marketing Department:
Andrea Meola
Francesco Rizzo
Simone Aibino
and from the testing and certification Division, Sales & Marketing Department:
Fabio Menicanti
Uberto Vercellotti
Carlo Matarasso
Also Gianluca Marini, Director of the Consulting, Solutions and Services Division, and Domenico Villani, Director of the Testing and Certification Division , will attend CIGRE 2012.
We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand at CIGRE Technical Exhibition 2012: Palais des Congrés de Paris: Exhibition level n° 2, booth n° 244.

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