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CESI at the 3rd Desertec Energy Conference

CESI at the 3rd Desertec Energy Conference
16 . Oct . 2012

​We are pleased to announce that CESI will attend the 3rd Dii Desert Energy Conference which will be held in Berlin from 7th to 9th November, 2012.
How can the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) supply their growing economies with secure and affordable electricity? How can the EU reach its ambitious climate action goals in a way that is both sustainable and economic?
This involves moving beyond the currently predominant view of these three regions being separate entities with separate power systems (EU-ME-NA) and creating a united EUMENA renewable energy power system by 2050. A connected system would provide access to a secure, affordable and clean electricity supply for more than 1.2 billion people in 2050, this being the Desertec Vision.
The conference will highlight that Desertec is not only about a sustainable power system but also about the positive socio-economic impacts which can be achieved .
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