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Annual Report 2011 is now available!

Annual Report 2011 is now available!
16 . Oct . 2012

The Annual report 2011 is now available in the Publications Section .
We are at the beginning of a new era, theSmart Era. Smart grids, smart meters, smart homes are just a few of the hi-tech solutions that today’s global energy markets demand.
At CESI we deliver solutions for a smart era through theknowledgewe have accumulated over a period of 50 years thanks to our experienced and diversified team of professionals.
Our smart solutions are based on a precisevision: advanced know-how means nothing, unless it can provide value to our clients.
We walk hand in hand with our clients in order to explore the most advanced paths of technological progress and always with a passion for practical and tangible results.
Our roots are embedded in the past and we put forth our branches into thefuture. A future that is sustainable and bright: in a nutshell, a better future.
CESI: envisioning a better future!
To read the document, please follow this link:CESI Annual Report 2011

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