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An Advanced Technology lesson at CESI

An Advanced Technology lesson at CESI
07 . Sep . 2012

A group of students and professors from Oklahoma State University in Tulsa (United States) visited the test facility for rotating machinery at CESI.
The young future engineers attended the event organized by the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical – Automation and Electrical System of ABB, which has jointly built with CESI a new facility for testing systems for the oil industry and other sectors.
Following a classroom session, dedicated to the introduction of the types tests that can be carried out on the site at VSDS (Variable Speed ​​Drive System) and the potential of new automation systems such as the DEIC (Drive and driven Equipment Integrated Control) for advanced control compression systems and pumping, students have visited the area.
The testing facility features two test bays, covering an area of more than 4,600 square meters and two inertial platforms of 240 and 300 square meters, respectively:Test Bay One for back-to-back tests for regenerative VSDS up to 45MW shaft power or more on a case by case basisTest Bay Two for full load combined tests with dedicated load machine up to 30MW.

ABB is currently partnered with CESI in several certification areas involving medium and high voltage products. CESI is also a trusted certification body for dynamic vibration and products according to the ATEX standard .

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