Technical Papers

The restoration strategies from neighbouring countries: simulation studies and actual tests experience

Apr . 16 . 2015
The paper describes the preparation and execution of Switzerland Italy re-energization test, managed on 2013, 6th January in order to continuously improve the restoration strategies to and ensure a constant assessment of ENTSO-E Operation Handbook (policy 5) procedures. The paper firstly summarizes the main results of the theoretical investigations on different neighbour backbones. Secondly the procedure definition, the simulation preparation, the organization and the post analysis studies of the second Italian actual restoration tests from neighbouring countries (Switzerland in 2013) are described. The tested backbones are now part of the Italian restoration plan and consist in the re-energization of about 1000 km of 400 kV lines using mainly reactors. During the tests, in a few minutes time window, significant electrical stations in the centre-south of Italy were restored directly from abroad, showing the effectiveness of the new procedures and the improvement over the past. The paper also gives an overview on the next steps that are in progress in order to continue the constant update of the ENTSO-E restoration plans, considering new network resources and operating situations created by the growth of non-dispatchable renewable energy generation. ​

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