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Testing experiences on extruded cable systems up to 525kVdc in the first third party worldwide laboratory

21 . Jan . 2019
The booming of renewable power stations (solar and wind mill mainly), the increase use of Interconnectors and submarine cables, the construction of urban substations in big cities with intense population and the need to avoid the use the overhead lines (right of way and so on), are the main factors leading to the increasing amount of installed km of cables all around the world. Transmission System Operators (TSO) and Distribution System Operators (DSO) search for innovative solutions in developing the transmission and distribution grids, but TSO and DSO also need to know the components they choose in order to deliver the highest quality levels. Independent testing and certification provided by a third party is the answer for delivering the qualification process for a cable systems so Utilities and network operators can be confident of delivering a reliable electricity supply. Furthermore, the need of increase the quality level of UHV cable systems suggest the improvement of QA and QC approach during the whole phases of the manufacturing process and supply, installation chains. This paper highlights the changing in EU electrical market, the need to increase the quality level of cable systems and the way to accomplish that, not only in AC but also in the increasing market of HVDC. ​​

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