Technical Papers

Small Dams in Italy

May . 23 . 2010
Aim of the Working Group activated by the Italian Committee of Large Dams is to review and discuss the current situation of the “Small Dams” in Italy. Regulatory supervision of “Small Dams” (height <15 m and reservoir volume <1.000.000 m3) is carried out by Regional Authorities on the base of local regulations and guidelines, with no interference by Central State Bureau for large dams. The main purposes of the ITCOLD Working Group are briefly summarized as follows:Inventory of small dams in Italy and subdivision into each Region Comparison of Regional regulations and guidelines for small dams to central regulation for large damsComparison of the activities performed by each Regional AuthorityDiscussion on specific aspects (i.e. considerations of “risk”, modality of surveillance…)Case of collapse, incidents, interventionsComparison of regulations in other Countries in the world. The article will present a brief description of the document that is going to be prepared by the ITCOLD Working Group.​​​

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