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28 . 10 . 2022
CESI: Domenico Villani succeeds Matteo Codazzi as the new CEO
Milan (Italy), October 28, 2022 – Today the Board of Directors of CESI ( Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano , Italian Experimental Electrotechnical Center) SpA, chaired by Guido Bortoni, appointed Domenico Villani as the new CEO of the company. Villani takes over from Matteo Codazzi, who leaves the company to pursue new professional opportunities . Domenico […]
25 . 10 . 2022
Renewables and power in the Mediterranean Sea:CESI and Techfem important offshore projects
Milan, 10 October 2022 . CESI and Techfem have jointly reached agreements for two offshore high voltage transmission projects by signing separate engineering contracts and associated services with Agnes srl and Interconnect Malta Ltd . These projects demonstrate the key role played by CESI and Techfem in supporting the adoption and dissemination of renewable energy […]