Milan, 10 October 2022 . CESI and Techfem have jointly reached agreements for two offshore high voltage transmission projects by signing separate engineering contracts and associated services with Agnes srl and Interconnect Malta Ltd .

These projects demonstrate the key role played by CESI and Techfem in supporting the adoption and dissemination of renewable energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea to provide, in an effective and safe way, clean energy to Italy and the island of Malta . The engineering effort involved will be shared equally between CESI and Techfem, options included .

The first project consists of the design of onshore electrical facilities of the Agnes Romagna project, a renewable offshore wind and photovoltaic project off the coasts of Ravenna with an installed capacity of up to 1,100 MW. The works include 220 kV and 380 kV cable links and an onshore transformer substation. The scope of the work, awarded to a Techfem-led Temporary Joint Venture, encompasses the feasibility study, the Preliminary Design and the assistance in the permitting process.

The second project is the development of the FEED and the preparation of the EPC tender for the second HVAC electrical interconnection system between Sicily and the island of Malta with a power capacity of 200 MW. The IC2 infrastructure concerns a 220-kV 118-km submarine power link, the onshore connections 19 km and 2 km long respectively and the modifications of the terminal stations in Ragusa and Maghtab. These preparatory works will be carried out in the coming months by a project consortium led by CESI.

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